a short documentary film by JON BOUGHER

Years after an earthquake devastated Haiti, and billions of dollars were donated, hundreds of thousands of people continue to live “under tents” in displacement camps. Camp Mozayik is one of the tiniest, home to just 126 families. But when a large company decides to build on their site, Mozayik learns it will be evicted – a problem facing tens of thousands of Haitians and condemned as a human rights violation.

Mozayik is the story of Augustin Mona in his fight against this forced eviction. A musician with dreadlocks down his back, he reluctantly fills the role of camp leader. Navigating the maze of international organizations, government agencies and businesses trying to reconstruct Haiti, Mona discovers an informal settlement called “Canaan” – the Promised Land. It will either be a new beginning, or a return to the same problems that continue to plague the country.  

Mozayik gives a first-hand account of those most affected by the Haitian earthquake, and the overwhelming challenges that exist in order to truly rebuild the country.